Is your home a reflection of who you are and who you want to be? I believe the place where you live should provide a comfortable sanctuary for you and those you love. It should also be an accommodating space for you to accomplish your goals and dreams. If you feel flummoxed every time you walk in the door, if your furniture doesn’t fit and your rooms don’t function well, you should call a home coach. More specifically, you should call me. I can help.

Design doesn’t have to be expensive. Much of the time, what you need to make your house a home is right within reach. What do you love? When you look around your home, are your priorities clear based on what you see? 

Northwest Home Coach is based in the Greater Seattle area. If you could use some help in your home or work space, contact me for more information.

“I was overwhelmed with the task of tackling my garage after 27 years. Lisa helped me out so much by saying, ‘There’s always one thing that is stumping you up.’ I knew exactly what she meant when she said that. It was a box of court papers I had saved. After boxing it up and sending it to my son (because he wanted it), I was able to move on and clean my entire garage and then move on to my house. I will forever be grateful for Lisa’s counsel on that.”