Holiday Hospitality

Holiday Hospitality Package

20 page, downloadable guide and a one hour consult to help you overcome the barriers in your way to having a beautiful holiday.

97.00 $

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Are you a reluctant entertainer? Is COVID changing the way you host gatherings? Have events in your life caused you to rethink your holiday traditions and priorities? Are you a young family ready to start your own traditions?

The holidays are crazy busy to start with, and much is expected from those who want to host. But it can be different. This Definitive Guide to Holiday Hospitality is your connection to a season filled with direction, connection, comfort and peace.

Along with this 20 page ebook, I’ll provide an hour long consultation to help you work through the biggest roadblocks that get in the way of determining your priorities and claiming your traditions. Do we need to address the clutter in your home? Are you wondering how to manage all the preparations and still be available to your kids? Are the expectations of the world stealing your joy of Christmas? Let’s work together to overcome those barriers.

The cost of the package is $97. This would make a great gift for your best friend, adult child, sister, a new mom or the reluctant entertainer in your life.